Wein-Cartoons II
Aber echte Frauen mit Niveau wissen Wein auf jeden Fall zu schätzen:
womeninwine.jpg divas.jpg immer platz.jpg
It doesn't matter if the glass is half empty or half full. There is always room for more wine.
... jedoch überschätzen viele besonders vermeintlich gebildetete, gutsituierte Männer leider ihr Weinwissen - oft bis hin zur Dummschwätzerei:
ds666.jpg breathe.gif
"Stand back! Let the wine breathe!"
"Don't you love how Alex dramatizes the vintage?"
"Paris, 1934. The streets were full of excitement and so were the grapes."
"You know, I always buy supermarket cava rather than fancy Champagne, and I challenge anyone to tell the difference."
"I'm getting a hint of childhood trauma with overtones of repressed anger."
Hmmmmmm..........? Ein Südhang?
Rechteck angeber7.png angeber13.png
"No, no. I definitely heard the captain announce 'women and children and men with valuable wine first'."
"Dear, of course no one can tell you what they think of the wine - you haven't told them how much it cost yet."
"I thought I'd hate it because it only got a rating of 74, but then, luckily, I remembered I paid $ 249,00 for it."
"Ah yes... an aroma that recalls the delightful scent of a wallet full of crisp hundred Dollar bills and the smell of soft leather seats in a new BMW!"
"Never go wine tasting with a lawyer!"
angeber11.png angeber9.png angeber10.png angeber12.jpg
"I see Kevin is being unusually generous with his Chateau Margaux this evening."
"The three essentials for any wine are terroir, the producer and how envious it makes your guests."
"You can stop lecturing us about the wine now, Ed - it evaporated."
"Next time, make sure everyone knows what an oenophile is before you gou around introducing yourself as one."
angeber3.png angeber5.png
"There are only four tastes, but thousands of smells - believe me, you don't know what you're missing!"
"Look at this! France is getting into the wine business too!"
angeber28.gif chardonnay.png
"It's a naive domestic Burgundy without any breeding, but I think you'll be amused by its presumption."
"And he's so-o-o-o knowledgeable about wine. He must have spent an hour telling me about his trip to Liebfrauenmilch."
... doch Hochmut führt bei übermäßigem Alkoholkonsum oft zum Fall:
bum2.png bum4.png bum.png
"Ironically, before I fell on hard times, I used to be a professional wine taster."
"Don't just gulp it down like that! Smell the bouquet, savour the flavour on your palate!"
"1998 Rot Gut. Best served at street temperature. Delicious served with garbage bin McDonald's or gutter squashed barbecued vermin."
bum102.jpg bum1.jpg bum6.png
"I'm here for the wine tasting."
bum103.jpg bum104.jpg
"If you wont give me a buck, will you tell me where there's a wine tasting?”
"Im taking a wine course, but not for credit."
"I wanted wine and women and song, but I've learned to settle."
bum7.jpg fizzgone.jpg bum5.jpg
"I think you'll be amused by it's methanols..."
"I'm just here to make a withdrawal."
Wine Stuarts Without Borders
wino.gif wino list.jpg
"More wine, my sweet?"
Hold on, I'll just check the wino list one more time.
"There's a class where they teach you how to drink wine? I knew I should have stayed in school!"
Rechteck bum105.jpg
"There's over 500,000 different wines? Bernie, we've got work do to!"
Echte Weinkenner wissen: Solche Fortbildungsmöglichkeiten existieren tatsächlich.
classes5.jpg tasting2.png
"I don't actually want to learn so much that I become a wine buff - just a wine snob!"
"I'm afraid poor Benson hasn't proved terribly popular with his class this term."
"Don't tell me, I know this one. Is it wine?"
"I failed my wine appreciation class. I swirled, sniffed, and spilled out every sample perfectly. If only I had remembered to taste the wine."
"Don't bother waiting up tonight. I've got my wine-awareness group."
tasting.png classes4.png
We let 65 people try the '03 Malbec and told them they couldn't just describe it as 'good'. The result: 65 said it was 'very good'.
"The first rule of enjoying fine wine is to make sure you and the wine are in the same room."
classes3.png classes6.jpg Rechteck
Dramatic wine tasting demonstration
"You! You in the back! How do you expect to enjoy wine if you don't extend that pinkie?"
classes34.jpg class31.jpg
"Ok... I didn't think this part needed to be explained, but after you smell the bouquet, lower the glas before you exhale."
Of course you can, you dipped your nose in it!
Hey, I can really smell the red fruit!
classes33.png vino.jpg
The other wine connoisseurs were be- ginning to question Bob's credentials.
Mm... grapey
tasting101.jpg tasting102.jpg Tasting104.jpg
"I want to introduce you guys to what I feel is a really gifted young Zinfandel"
"Im getting a lot of negativity in this one - is it French?"
Advanced course at the wine appreciation institute at Bob's house
Was trinken Sie vorzugsweise? A) Weißwein B) Rotwein Auflösung: B - Sie sind ein Rotweintyp.
Neulich in der Bildzeitung: Welcher Wein-Typ sind Sie?
Und heute verkosten wir einen Bordeaux: St. Emilion, Chateau La Wutz - ein wirklich großer Wein!
probe999.png zclasses77.png
"Most people serve crackers to cleanse the pallet at a wine tasting - but you had to pick one hosted by a dental hygienist."
Mama, ich kann jetzt nicht sprechen, ich bin bei 'ner Weinprobe!
"Sure they drank it - but did they get it?"
"Ok, now this year when I collapse on the floor in a semi-comatose paralytic state, that's my little signal that its time to go!"
speed tasting.jpg probe777.jpg
"Mhmm... und was für ein Abgang!"
"Lieblich! Aber mit wuchtigem Körper."
eau de merlot.png
"It's Eau de Merlot. If it weren't for this, I never would have met your father."
"Hold on! Now I remember - you swirl the wine first!"
"Sir, I do have a tool for that."
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