Wein-Cartoons IV
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"What do you mean, you don't want to dry grapes in the sun for dessert wines like your father? He's a big success - and only 32!"
Berufe rund um den Wein haben ihre Vor- und Nachteile. Angefangen beim Winzer...
Hey, if they can grow it in Michigan...
eiswein.jpg Abgerundetes Rechteck
Es geht doch nichts über einen gepfegten Eiswein!
Darum hat der Händler wohl gemeint diese neue Sorte von Korken wäre schlecht kompostierbar...
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"Okay, so we had a rainy spring. If we can't make these grapes into wine, maybe we can sell them as water ballons."
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"Jede Beere ist einzeln zu nummerieren - was sich die EU wohl dabei mal wieder gedacht hat?"
Seltene Berufe Folge 97: Der Rotweinflüsterer
"So weit kann ich leider nicht werfen..."
schämen! Sie wer-
"Sie sollten sich
fen die Trauben ein-
fach weg und in
Afrika hungern
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"We're hoping for a really smooth wine here."
"Haven't you ever seen California wine being made before?"
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"I'm hoping one day I'll be discovered by the director of River Dance."
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Es kommt halt darauf an wie ein Wein verschnitten wird
"Get the staff together, take off your shoes and stamp some grapes. Tourists are here."
Die Erfindung des Glühweins
...zur Überwachung des Reifungsprozesses...
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"Nobody knows the bubbles I've seen."
Talk about wild yeast!
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"Yeah, I think it has too much tannin, too."
"How do I know we need to turn down the filtration system? - This is our Cabernet Sauvignon!"
zum Qualitätsmanagement....
Rechteck job103.jpg produktion.jpg lagerung.png
zur Geschmackskontrolle...
"Scheint mal wieder ein äußerst gradliniges Tröpfchen zu werden.."
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"They're automating the bottling process? Why? Just yes- terday me and my team managed to cork four bottles!"
"Ein Robert Parker will dich sprechen - kennst du den?"
"Soll nachher noch mal anrufen."
der Abfüllung...
dem Marketing und Vertrieb...
"We've found it to be the most effective way to let people know what food goes best with our wine."
"Beschreiben Sie mal das Produkt."
"Er ist furztrocken!"
"We outsource our grape juice, marketing, bottling and distri- bution, and yet he's supposed to make a sales presentation tonight - better show him what a grape looks like."
"One unexpected problem I've run into since making my own wine is finding foods to pair with 160-proof Burgundy."
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Seltene Berufe Folge 99: Der Weihnachtsmann
Seitdem wir die Wein- stöcke in Feng-Shui- Anordnung gepflanzt haben verkauft sich das Zeug viel besser."
You are destined for
You are o.k.
You are not too tart.
"We feel that improving the grapes' self-esteem is an important part of the wine making business."
marketing.bmp reifung.bmp
"Did you hear? We have a new slogan: Artisan-crafted wine made the old world way."
"Look! It's Trendy Vineyards' Merlot Window Cleaner! Streak-free cleaning, because it's 50 proof!"
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dem Service...
"Excellent, but not fit for a king."
"No, I'm not the sommelier; in fact, I don't even work here - I've just always wanted to try this wine."
"It wasn't until I started ordering the red wines here that I came to fully appreciate the level of service provided."
Restaurant999.gif Restaurant 888.jpg
"Gibt's noch was Warmes?"
"Enjoy? Don't tell me what to do!"
"I'm covering for the wine steward. We got a dandy little redon special, only $24.99. It comes outta carpeting beautifully."
"Oh no - your server's down again!"
"Hey - you and that other woman didn't finish off this bottle last night!"
"Yes, siree, this certainly has a delightful...stench. You may pour. "
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"I was going to send back this dreadful wine - but then I realized it's the perfect match for your dreadful chicken."
"Look at that. Our table number is the same as the rating on the wine you selected."
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"No, no take your time. I dont' retire for another 15 years."
Mussten Sie lange warten?
"Den kann ich Ihnen empfehlen."
"I'm sorry sir... I don't suggest wines anymore."
"We should have the matter of this evening's wine selection determined shortly."
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Table six wants a glass of Sangria, with chips - do you think that's enough?"
"Here's the difference between sommelier school and the real world; I just got asked to recommend a vegan wine to pair with a bacon double cheeseburger."
Where's the damn bottle opener?
"It's his day off, sir."
"Dad still getting the nightmare where the guy orders the Puligny-Montrachet with the guacamole?"
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"Do wine writers suffer and all that?"
Da liest man ja so allerhand über dich!
"I wrote a wine book this thick because I intend to hit my biggest critic over the head with it."
...weinverwandten Kreativberufen...
"I've written six books on wine; owned my own winery and taught a wine class for two years. My next goal is to taste some."
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Coq au fin...
"Cock au Vin? Und Sie haben sich das Rezept von Babelfish übersetzen lassen?"
"Äußerst innovative Installation!"
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