Wein-Cartoons V
bis hin zum "finalen Abgang":
"You sent your wife to get a bottle of wine from the wine cellar? Your jet doesn't have a wine cellar!"
"I'm afraid he's gone."
"He was our head wine buyer for over thirty years, so it only seemed fitting."
"Looks like a Smith and Wesson; probably a point four-five caliber. Gun shot at close range. This guy had no chance. We've got one very dead mob traitor here, Boss".
"No!- This looks like a Cabernet Sauvignon; that's probably a '05 Barbera. A shot of Pen- folds Grange. This guy is in a sodden trance - what we've got here is one very drunk wine waiter, Sarge"
"Not a bad way for an oenophile to go"
"Nun befolgen wir in Gottes Namen Herrn Neider-Mäkels letzten Wunsch: Beerdigt mich in gutem Terroir, in der besten Lage, oben am sonnigen Südhang."
Trendy Vineyards
"There's a little bit of my late husband in every glass - I used his ashes as a fining agent."
Wein ist so alt wie die Menschheit...
"Apfelwein wäre die Hölle gewesen! Bin ich froh, dass wir uns nun doch für Trauben entschieden haben!"
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"Simple rule of thumb: If it tries to eat us, serve with red. If it runs away from us, a white."
"Wine? Okay. I really dont care what you call it, let's invite over the two sisters from the cave next door."
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Tut mir leid Herr Diogenes, aber Familie Rothschild hat Eigenbedarf angemeldet. Sie müssen das Barrique umgehend räumen.
"I'm getting woolly-mammoth notes.
"Wait - I just realised we don't have any Shiraz."
"We need to talk about the laborers daily wine ration."
Olympic Wine
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"You paid three goats for this? Robertus Parkerus only rated it LXXIV!"
"A little wine, daily, Antonius, leads to longevity - perhaps as old as thirty-five."
"I meant the wine!"
I don't care if it looks ridiculous... do you know what they charge for wine at the colosseum?"
"You may switch to the less expensive wine now."
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"I ain't particular, but are you sure a '71 claret is the right choice for these here beans?"
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"Serve them the cheap wine. We don't want to encourage those people to stay."
Red wine with poultry? Seriously?”
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...und wird seither auch gerne für religiöse Zwecke eingesetzt:
"They were all out of myrrh."
Instead of continuing his dead-end political career, Jesus decided to go into business.
"Nein Maria Magdalena! Du kannst jetzt nicht stören. Er macht grad Wasser zu Wein!"
"Really - I turn beer into urine!"
"Behold - I turn water into wine!"
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"Not much of a miracle if you ask me - he turned it into Blue Nun."
Wein wieder alle?
Jesus turns wine into water
"It's an innovative way to boost attendance."
First Church of Cuisine
Now serving: Wine, Communion Wafers & Cheese
"I'm getting red fruits, earth tones and oak. Amen."
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"No Bordeaux? And you call this heaven?"
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Es kommt natürlich (nicht nur bei Wein) auf die geeignete Lagerung an:
"Everybody has their own perception of hell: For you, it's spending an eternity in a pool of boiling sulpher... for Wendel there, it's being served Cabernet Sauvignon with 'pike tortellini' in a squat lobster sauce."
"It has to breathe for exactly 22 minutes; then I can pour you a glass - right after the sacrifice."
"I expected punishment - but never white wine and Brie."
You mean they're all at room temperature?!"
Wine connoisseurs in hell
"That's why we only drink white wine up here."
Days of wine and Moses
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"The food's inedible; the beatings, merciless, and the rats, voracious - but the wine is splendid."
"You guys are all pardoned - I'm putting in a wine cellar."
It's cold, damp and dark, but I can't complain - it's perfect for my clarets."
Dear Doris, the days drag on and the slop they call food gets progressively worse. Surprisingly enough, the wines are excellent, usually a crisp Chianti, and on warmer days a lively dry Pinot Blanc.
"...and this is my cellar."
"Tastes like it's been stored next to a blazing furnace for twenty years - perfect!"
"It's just Frank's ghost returning for a bottle of wine. It doesn't keep well where he ended up."
"A wine cellar? We live on the top floor of a two-story-house!"
cellar.png keller.png
"Our builder went bankrupt?...Okay, at least he got the most important room done!"
"Bobs wine making cellar cost us more than a whole barrel full of the best Bordeaux."
"Frank from next door has a wine cellar, and now so do we. Now go get me that half a bottle of wine that's in the fridge."
Soviel dann zu Peters Weinkeller!
Lager_1.jpg Lager7.jpg Lager_4.png
"Dad, the wine's been put into used barrels, just like you ordered. I got a great deal on them from Exxon."
Trendy Vineyards
"Yeah, it's kind of large for the room, but it saves us trips to the store - and it's a great place to keep my late Uncle Pete."
"I made the mistake of redoing the house in Limousin oak, right before Jack decided to start barrel aging his merlot."
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